Powerhouse Executive Groups

MAPP POWERHOUSE Groups are an exclusive and confidential environment where plastics company owners, CEOs and presidents can succeed together.

Leading a successful plastics organization is often a difficult, lonely and ever-evolving role. To accelerate your learning and expand your knowledge-base, MAPP has created POWERHOUSE - an exclusive peer group for plastics industry presidents, CEOs and owners. POWERHOUSE groups will meet once every three weeks for six meetings to help leaders build stronger organizations.

The inaugural round of MAPP's POWERHOUSE Executive Groups is currently underway. To be added to the waitlist for the next session, please e-mail


POWERHOUSE Groups will provoke and inspire leaders. Often leaders spend more time working in their business than on their business. Each POWERHOUSE group generates accountability among its members to work on their business.

By focusing on strategy and vision, members will learn from one another and become more agile in their businesses and in their leadership.



As part of MAPP's overall mission, those in POWERHOUSE groups commit to being a united enterprise, dedicated to helping each and every individual leader grow their organization.

Acting as pioneers, each POWERHOUSE is banded together, creating greater rapport and camaraderie than any other place in the industry.



By congregating each week, POWERHOUSE leaders are committed to building great organizations and enhancing the industry overall.

Each leader is devoted to accelerating their own leadership, as well as invested in the overall success of each member in their POWERHOUSE.


Who Can Join?

To ensure that each leader receives the most value, there are strict guidelines on who can join a POWERHOUSE.

  • Must be a plastics industry CEO, president or owner
  • Must be a current MAPP member
  • Must maintain their membership in good standing throughout the program
  • Must agree to the code of conduct and commit to attending each of their POWERHOUSE group's weekly meetings
  • Must agree to the values of the group: visionary, united and driven

Group Design

To maintain the spirit and purpose of the group, each POWERHOUSE will:

  • Be hand-selected by the MAPP team based on each individual's application and extensive group matchmaking criteria
  • Include no fewer than 10 and no more than 12 company executives
  • Meet via video conferencing meetings and face-to-face when applicable. No conference calls
  • Executives will each sign MAPP anti-trust agreements and non-disclosure agreements


The cadence of these meetings is paramount to its success. 

  • Meetings will occur once every 3 weeks for 6 meetings
  • Meetings will run from 2.5-3 hours each
  • Moderators will be assigned for each meeting
  • When possible, meeting opportunities will be made available at in-person MAPP events
  • At the end of the program, POWERHOUSE groups can select to continue their meetings on their own or through another POWERHOUSE session

Cost and Pricing

MAPP POWERHOUSE Groups use software that is facilitated and managed exclusively for the POWERHOUSE executives. Cost to participate is $600 for the entire program. These fees cover:

  • Full access to the POWERHOUSE program and your executive group
  • Materials and marketing for the program
  • Software licenses for each POWERHOUSE Group
  • Training and development for facilitators
  • Meeting planning, execution and facilitation

Meeting Design

Each meeting of the POWERHOUSE group will be focused on specific topics and challenges identified in advance by the member of the group. While an agenda is provided, meetings will be facilitated and moderated in a way to allow POWERHOUSE group members flexibility based on the discussion and needs of the group. During the meeting, there are 4 distinct discussions that will take place. This includes:

  • POWERHOUSE Ignite Sessions
    • Two 15-20 minute presentations by group members that delve into that week's topic on how they do business. Presenters will be pre-selected and work to help educate and share best practices in that specific topic area.
  • Small Group "Hot Seats"
    • The group will break into pre-designated small groups, in which each group member will share their current process and challenge as it relates to that week's topic. Group members will take turns providing feedback and improvement opportunities for each individual. 
  • Large Group Innovation Session
    • As a whole group, POWERHOUSE members will offer a download from their Hot Seats, Additionally, during this session, group members will share new and innovative actions and ideas for improvement in that area. This session capitalizes on the collective brainpower of the POWERHOUSE group and ensures each member leaves the meeting with actionable plans for advancement.
  • Individual Challenge Session
    • Each meeting will end with the opportunity for an individual to seek guidance, ideas and counsel on an issue unrelated to that week's topic. It is with the understanding that new challenges arise for leaders unexpectedly. This session allows POWERHOUSE group members the opportunity to find solutions and support for these unexpected challenges.

Applications for the 2020 Summer/Fall Session are currently closed. 

Meeting Schedule:

Please note actual meeting dates will vary based on which POWERHOUSE Group you are matched with. 

  • Wednesday, June 17: POWERHOUSE Kickoff Meeting - required for all participants
  • Meeting 1: Week of June 22
  • Meeting 2: Week of July 13
  • Meeting 3: Week of August 3
  • Meeting 4: Week of August 24
  • Meeting 5: Week of September: 14
  • Meeting 6: Week of October 5 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I eligible to participate?
    • Participation is limited strictly to presidents, CEOs and owners of plastics processing companies. These leaders must also be current members of MAPP and keep their membership current for the entire duration of the program.
  • Is there a fee for joining a POWERHOUSE?
    • Yes, in order to facilitate and manage the POWERHOUSE groups successfully, there is a small fee of $600 for the 6-meeting, 18-week program and all additional follow-up for each POWERHOUSE group.
  • Why should I join a POWERHOUSE?
    • Joining a POWERHOUSE is a personal decision that comes from an internal drive to become a better manager, leader and businessman. Additionally, POWERHOUSE groups help to fast-track your learning and advancement by gaining access to others who share and understand your challenges. It allows for deeper accountability to your development and motivate you to perform at a higher level than before. By working on the business rather than in the business, you can disconnect from the daily grind and focus on the future and long-term growth. No matter what challenges you are facing, others have been there before, and you are able to learn from the errors and trials of others. Finally, the POWERHOUSE generates a confidential and safe area for leaders to voice concerns and share struggles in a way that they cannot otherwise. Finally, the value of a committed network cannot be understated, these connections are meant to be enduring relationships that you can continue to grow and lean on for years to come.
  • Do I have to attend every meeting?
    • It is expected that you will make the greatest effort to attend each and every meeting. However, we do understand that things come up and you may occasionally need to miss a meeting. It is recommended that you are realistic with your calendar and obligations before you commit to a POWERHOUSE. If attendance for a particular POWERHOUSE member or members becomes a concern, you may be asked to step away from the group for that time, and rejoin when your schedule allows for this commitment.
  • What kind of time commitment is expected?
    • Each meeting will run for approximately 2.5-3 hours every 3 weeks, depending on the format of that meeting. There may be occasions when reading, research or careful thought is required prior to a meeting. This should not exceed more than 60 additional minutes for that week.
  • How do meetings work?
    • Meetings will take place via face-to-face video calls. Members will log into their POWERHOUSE video call, and each member is expected to share their camera. Each meeting will cover a specific challenge or topic, as well as individual development focus. Curriculum and meeting expectations will be shared with all participants prior to the initial POWERHOUSE meeting.
  • What am I committing to by joining a POWERHOUSE?
    • By joining a POWERHOUSE, you are committing to invest in the betterment of yourself and your company. You are also committing to supporting your peers and investing in the success of your POWERHOUSE members as well. You agree to make your best effort to attend every meeting; share your perspective and give candid feedback and honest advice; listen diligently and thoughtfully to the challenges and stories of others; being open to receiving feedback and hearing and accepting perspectives and ideas that differ from yours.
  • Can I participate in more than one POWERHOUSE group?
    • Yes, however, it is recommended that you only participate in one POWERHOUSE at a time. Based on interest and availability, new POWERHOUSE groups will continue to be created several times each year. 
  • I signed up, but I am unable to make the meetings now. Is there a refund policy for the group?
    • We ask each applicant to think critically and realistically about their availability to attend meetings. As a policy, refunds are not given for POWERHOUSE participants. However, we understand that there are some circumstances outside of individual control and those will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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