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Upcoming Changes to TS16949 (automotive) Certification : Feb 27th - We just completed our TS audit and was advised by our auditor of the changes with the new system which will be live in 2018. A large change is that all of our suppliers will now have to to TS registered and you have to audit them to this standard if they are not - length of audit depends on the number of employees. Are other MAPP members being told the same thing? How are you handling this major change. Scott Titzer

Charge to Store Inactive Injection Molds : Feb 24th - How much should a customer be charged to store their inactive injection molds at an injection molder?

Global Standards for Plastics Certification (GSPC) : Feb 22nd - We are evaluating the benefit of pursuing the Global Standards for Plastics Certification (GSPC) for our team members. I am curious as to how many MAPP companies feature this in their training program and opinion of it? Charles A Sholtis

FMLA------Disability? : Feb 22nd - Fellow MAPP members--Hypothetically, a team member came in with a doctors note for a few weeks off related to a previous heart medical condition, then extending on FMLA if no improvement in health. Time passes and the associate comes back with a note from a doctor requesting more information about the equipment team member works around in order to determine if he can return to work. The team member has a pacemaker. The associate's doctor requests details such as the motors, job description, etc. As an employer what are we required to provide to an MD in the context of this situation? It may head on to a long term disability status.

Individual Looking for Plastic Processor : Feb 15th - Steve Fortner has a mold and is in need of fire-retardant ABS plastic for his 1-off mold. Please call 317-407-2203 if you can assist him. Steve Fortner

Group List

Abraham, Shannon - Vice President
Acker, Jan - CEO
Ackerman, Mike - General Manager
Adair, Faith - Corporate Controller
Adams, Tyler - Engineering Manager
Anderson, Glenn - President
Anderson, Brian - CEO
Andre, Dick - President
Applegate, Jeff - CEO
Ash, Sondra - Executive VP, CFO
Ash, Jason - Plant Manager
Ash, Jason - Plant Manager
Bacon, David - General Manager
Banfield, David - General Manager
Barkalow, Walter - Director of Manufacturing Plastic Divisions
Barker, Joe - Vice President - Plant Manager
Bartlett, William - President
Batliner, Doug - President
Batliner, David - Vice President
Baxter, Scott - President
Bayer, Tim - Vice President
Beelman, Dawn - VP of Finance
Began, Steven - President
Began, Kate - Business Analyst
Beirne, Patrick - President
Bender, Guy - President
Bender, Jay - COO
Benson, Mike - Managing Director
Bertsch, Jack - President
Bess, Bryan - Chief Financial Officer
Bitter, Nick - Vice President
Bly, Tom - VP Operations
Bobbs Jr., William - CEO
Bord, Mary Beth - CFO
Bouwman, Jane - CEO
Bowman, Lisa - Accounting Administrator
Boyd, Tom - President
Boyt, Myra - VP of Operations
Breece, Alan - President
Bricker, Rodney - President
Briggs, Mike - General Manager
Brown , Ted - Vice President
Brown, Greg - President
Brown, Jim - Director of Operations
Brown II, Greg - Business Development
Brown II, Greg - Business Development
Bruce, Mike - Production Manager
Brzozowski, Bob - COO
Brzozowski, Bob - Cheif Operations Officer
Buchenroth, Steve - Owner
Bucher, Sharon - Safety and Training Mgr
Buchholz, Al - VP Operations
Buchmann, Mathias - General Manager
Buchmann, Lindsay - Logistics Manager
Buisman, Stan - VP Business Development
Burch, Danielle - Executive Assistant
Burgess, John - President
Burkhead, Chris - General Manager
Burns, Raymond - President
Burrow, Clovis - President
Burrow, Randy - Vice President Manufacturing
Butler, Rocky - CEO
Callahan, Doug - President & COO
Callahan, Ed - VP/GM
Campbell, Stephen - CEO
Capps, Tim - President
Capps, Crystal - VP of Finance/Materials
Carmichael, Bruce - General Manager
Carrel, Craig - President/Marketing Manager
Cartner, Mike - Finance/CFO
Cartuyvelles, Rick - Genereal Manager
Carty, Erin - President
Chadwick, Kirk - Vice President
Chalmers, John - Vice President of Quality and Purchasing
Chamberlain, Fred - VP Operations
Chapman , Jim - General Manager
Chase, Kevin - President
Christensen, Jim - President
Cirone, Michael - President
Cirone, Michael - President
Coatter, Joseph - President
Collins, Bill - General Manager
Concordia, Gene - General Manager
Conis, Kym - Assistant Director
Cook, Avril - VP of Operations
Cooney, Rob - Owner
Couch, Damien - Sales Representative
Cox, Gerald - President
Crandall, Annette - President
Craprotta, Steve - Vice President
Crowe, Darryl - Owner
Cuellar, Noel - President/CEO
Currier, John - President
Dalleska, Robert - Vice President of Operations
Dalton, Rob - General Manager
Davenport, Rodney - VP
Davis, Gerald - President
Davis, Patti - Controller
Davis, Michael - President
Delaney, Mark - VP Operations and Engineering
DePerro, Bob - Vice President
Derby, Randy - Plant Manager
Deutenberg, Dan - Accounting
Devereux, II, Michael - CPA
Dickerson, Ken - President
Dielschneider, Chad - President/CEO
Dobie, Greg - President
Dorans, Rich - VP of Operations
Dorsey, Mike - VP Mfg & Eng
Doster, James - President- Injection Molding
Doster, John - Executive
Doster, John - President-Blow Molding
Doty, Doug - General Manager
Doyle, Tanya - COO
drake, chad - plant manger
Duffey, Tom - President
Duggan, Ted - General Manager
Dunne, Robert - President
Dunne, Bill - Operations Manager
Eberle, Jim - President
Eckert, Andy - CEO
Edwards, Jon - Production Manager
Elli, Neal - President
Elsasser, Robin - Office Manager
Embree, Ron - President/CEO
Endecott, Morgan - Chief Financial Officer
Engstrom, Kevin - Director of Information Systems
Erickson, Becky - Controller/CFO
Falcone, Tom - Owner
Farrar, Dan - Executive Vice President
Fasano, Shelley - VP Operations
Fawcett, Chad - CFO
Feldman, Bill - Vice President
Ferguson, Scott - Owner
Fernandez, Jesse - Materials Manager
Ferriot, Craig - President
Finley, Todd - President
Fish, Glen - President
Flores, Roberto - General Manager
Forest, Normand - CEO
Franco, Perry - VP
French, Jay - Project Manager
Friel, Rick - VP Operations
Froman, Waynne - VP Operations
Fuhrman, Mark - Marketing Manager
Fuller, Fred - Director of Sales
Gagnon, Tom - President
Ganon, Stacie - VP Finance
Gedwed, WIlliam - Owner & CEO
Gedwed, Christopher - EVP & COO
Gerdes, Thom - Chief Executive Officer
Gill, Rick - President
Gillenwater, Becky - CFO, VP of Finance & Admin
Gillett, Don - President
Ginsburg, Noel - President
Gladden, Jim - President
Glass, Larry - President/CEO
Godfrey, Troy - General Manager
Godfrey, Tammy - Controller
Good, Steve - President
Goode, Jim - President
Goodsel, Kelly - President / CEO
Gorant, Jim - Director of Finance
Groleau, Matt - Chairman
Gros, Dennis - President
Gustin, Mark - Regional Director
Haberman, Doug - President
Hagen, Scott - C.O.O.
Hagmeier, Jeff - Plant Manager
Hahn, Lindsey - CEO
Hallam, Mark - President
Hamilton, Keith - sales manager
Hamza, Mohammed - President
Hardgrave, Reed - Vice President
Harp, Ben - Chief Operating Officer
Hart, Melanie - President
Hartford, John - General Manager
Hartke, Steve - Plant Manager
Hartwell, Scott - KEY GM
Hatlewick, Ken - Plant Manager
Hauser , George - COO
Hedge, Martha - Controller
Heinemann , Greg - CEO
Heisser, Christof - President
Held, Jeff - CEO
Hensley, Shae - Production Manager
Herman, Randy - Pres., Advanced Technology Group
Herman, Adam - CPA
Hertlein, Joy - CFO
Higgins, Melissa - Vice President
Higgins, Paul - Operations Manager
Hill, Steve - Vice President
Himes, Carolyn - General Manager/CFO
Hlavin, Matt - CEO
Hocking, David - Maintenance Manager
Hoehn, Jason - President
Hoffbeck, Doug - Director of Engineering
Hoffmann, Ben - Manager Polymer Technologies
Holden, Sam - Chief Operator Officer, General Manager
Holder, Place - None
Holland, Ed - President/CEO
Holzmeyer, Alan - President
Hoskins, John - Executive Vice President
Hoskins, John - VP
Hotzler, Sherri - President & CEO
Houdeshell, Tom - President
Hovermale, Roy - Production
Huber, Paul - CEO
Ignatowski, Jeff - Director of Sales and Marketing
Issler, Julian - CFO
Jacobson, Greg - CEO
Jacobson, Jon - President
Janeczko, Josh - President
Janeczko, Robert - CEO & President
Janssen, Rick - IT Manager
Janusz, Craig - VP/General Manager
Jastrzembski, David - Vice President Quality Assurance
Jennings, Lisa - President
Jennings, Lisa - President & CEO
John, Grant - Sales Representative
Johnson, Drew - Production Mananger
Johnson, Beth - Operations Manager
Jorgenson, Jeff - General Manager
Jorgenson, Sheri - President
Joslyn, Bret - COO
Kaplan, Stu - President
Karn, Shaun - EVP
Karpinsky, Kevin - COO
Katen, Phil - Owner
Keller, Chris - President
Kelley, Scott - President
Kelley, Dennis - Plant Manager
Kelyman, Chip - Vice President
Kepler, Jim - Plant Manager
Kerg, Jim - President/CEO
Keslar, Letha - Managing Director
Kessler, Ron - CEO
Keyse, Rick - COO
Keyser, Mark - General Manager
Kibbe, Shane - Vice President
Kincaid, Jerry - President
King, Stephen - President
Kinnear, Jason - Plant Manager
Kishel, Mark - Quality Coordinator
Kishel, Tom - President & CEO
Kishell, Thomas - President
Kleck, Tom - President
Knapp, Eddie - Controller
Knapp, Ed - Owner
Kolker, Doug - CPA
Kornfeld, Glenn - President
Krause, James - VP of Engineering
Krauss, Mark - President
Krezel, Jim - President
Krieps, Matt - Owner
Kruis, James - Vice President
Kruis, Jeff - President
Kudakkachira, Alexander - CEO, Engineering Manager
Kuhn, Jaime - Operations Manager
Kurtz, Melissa - Director of Materials Science
Kussman, John - CEO
Laboda , Dave - VP of Operations
Lail, Dean - President
Leedom, Jeff - General Manager, China Operations
Leedom, Dennis - Co-Owner/Secretary
Leedom, Dan - President
Lemper, Steve - Sales Manager
Leonard, Watson - Vice-President
Leonard, Bob - President
Leone, Massimo (Max) - VP New Business Development
Lessard, David - VP/General Manager
Letica Saad, Mara - ExVP and General Counsel
Lewis , Tim - President / Owner
Lewis, Greg - Tooling Division Manager / Owner
Lewis Jr. , Dave - Engineering Manager / Owner
Lider, Carl - VP Operations
Lilly, Roy - CEO/President
Lindemann, Daryl - President
Lippott, Jody - Accounting
Lohr, Mark - General Manager
Lohr, Mark - GTR GM
Luce, Bob - President
Lund, Annette - Vice President
MacIntosh, Bob - President & CEO
Mahon, Pat - GM, Custom Products
Mallon, Dan - CFO
Mann , Bob - President
Mann, Jason - Director of Operations
Marchino, John - Controller
Marsh, Nicholas - IT Manager
Martel, Peter - CFO
Martin, Jonathan - President
Martinez, David - President
Marut, Robert - President/CEO
McCabe, Bob - Partner
McCloskey, Lou - Vice President
McDaniel, Ryan - VP of Sales/Customer Service
McPhail, Paul - CFO
McVay, Jim - Vice president/General Manager
Meixel, Heather - Owner
Mengel , Jeff - Partner
Merrifield, Elizabeth - n/a
Messer, Jamie - COO, VP of Operations
Metz, Chris - CEO
Meurer, Vern - VP
Meyer, Dale - President
Meyers, Archie - VP of Finance
Miller, Sam - Plant Manager
Minneman, Steve - President/Owner
Minneman, Allen - Vice President, Marketing
Minneman, William - President
Mitchell, Scott - President
Monahan, Jon - President
Monroe, Scott - Plant Manager
Moore , Jim - President
Morando, Victor - Chief Technology Officer
Morgan , Ted - Senior Manager
Morgan, Mike - Controller
Mount, Mathew - CFO
Moyak , Dave - General Manager
Moyer, Bill - President
Mulvey, Chris - President
Munson, Andrew - Partner
Murphy, Mark - General Manager
Nagler, Thomas - President
Nemeth , Tonya - Office Manager
Newman, Pamela - COO
Nicholas, Sam - Founder
Nicolay, Todd - Vice President of Sales
Nightenhelser, Vern - Director of Manufacturing Operations
Nolen, Gene - President
Nolen, Greg - CEW GM
Nolen , Gene - CEO
Nolen, Greg - General Manager
Norman, Dwight - General Manager
Norris, Dan - Vice President
Nowak, Glenn - Director of Marketing and Sales
O'Conner, Mike - Owner
Ogletree, George - CEO
Ogorek, John - CFO
Olesen, Brian - President & CEO
Osiecki, Jill - Vice President
Owen, Chip - C.E.O.
Padgett, Chris - VP Manufacturing
Palmeri, Mark - Plant Manager
Parent, Susan - President
Parks, Denise - Director of Logistics
Passanisi, John - President
Patel, Samir - Financial and General Manager
Patel, Charles - General Manager
Patel, Sanjay - Director of Business Development
Paules, Dennis - Owner
Paules, Eric - COO
Paulson, Craig - President
Paulson, Adam - Vice President
Perlman, Scott - EVP
Perry, Sarah - VP of Corporate Affairs
Peterson, Jeff - President
Peterson, Jeff - President
Pfledderer, Al - VP
Pflughoeft, Scott - Vice President Operations
Pickens, Roger - VP of Sales
Piltz, Wayne - VP Supply Chain / HR / Logistics
Pisciotti, Diane - Director of Finance/Talent
Plane, Brad - Corporate Project Manager
Pleasant, Ron - CEO
Poischbeg, Matt - Vice President
Popovich, Marko - Manager of Accessories
Porter, John - President
Powers, Gary - Vice-President
Prenatt, Craig - VP Operations
Pridonoff, Tom - CEO
Priest, Russ - Chief Operations Officer
Pruitt, Gary - EVP Operations
Quillen, Anita - President CEO
Quintero, Nina - Accounting Manager
Rabenold, Ben - Plant Manger
Rapacki, Chris - President
Rebman, Rob - Owner
Reschly, Tom - President
Reschly, Jim - Vice President
Reynallt , Amy - General Manager
Reynolds, Gerard - President
Rheude, Gary - President/CEO
Richardson, Kevin - Plant Manager
Richey, Ryan - Executive Vice President
Richey, Ron - President
Riehl, Ralph - President
Riesbeck, William - President
Robinson, Bill - Plant Manager
Robinson, John - President/CEO
Rocheleau, Mike - Executive VP
Rodgers, Jeffrey - CEO
Rogers, Scott - Technical Director
Rogers, Missy - President
Rothenbuecher, Alan - Partner
Rothenbuecher, H. Alan - Attorney
Routsis, Andy - President
Routt, John - VP / COO
Rufenacht, Mike - Manufacturing Site Manager
Saddler, Scott - Vice President
Saddler, Paul - President
Schell, Teresa - President/Owner
Schneberger, Jim - President
Schoon, Rod - President
Schorejs, Derek - Materials Manager
Schreffler, Doug - VP Sales & Marketing
Scott, Bradley - President & COO
Seeley, Mark - President
Segrest, Lawrence - CEO / Owner
Serell, Joseph - Vice President
Shaw, Kathy - Accountant/Human Resources
Shelton, Andrew - President and Owner
Shirley, Ty - President & COO
Siewert, Mark - COO
Sinderson, Stephen - President
Slavens, Carl - Plant Manager
Smallwood, Roger - President
Smith, Harry - President
Smith, Derran - President
Smith, Randy - Tool Shop Manager
Smith, Melissa - President
Smith, Dale - VP Sale & Engineering
Smith, Tom - Plant Manager
Snow, Dave - MEP Director
Sowers, Shea - Sales Manager
Spence, Hartie - Owner/President
Spitznogle, J.R. - President
Steinwall, Maureen - President
Stevens, Vicky - Purchasing Manager
Stradtman, Steve - CEO
Strunk, Eric - Plant Manager
Stuchell, Bart - Owner
Sturtevant, Mark - President
Tabner, Laurence - CEO
Talmage, Ross - Owner
Talmage, Bill - Owner
Taylor, Craig - Quality Manager
Tennant, Craig - COO
Thibeault, Steve - President
Titzer, Scott - President, CEO
Townsend, John - Dir of Operations
Townsend , Terry - President
Tredway, Phil - President
Trentman, Steve - Director-Business Development
Tucker, Lyndon - President
Turk, David - President
Turner, Dale - Vice President/Controller
unk, unk - unk
unk, unk - unk
unk, unk - unk
unk, unk - unk
unk, unk - unk
unk, unk - unk
Ursul, Mike - VP Operations
Van Roy, Jay - Vice President
VandeBerg, Dean - President
VanVoorhis, David - CEO
Vereecken, David - Sales Manager
Vereecken, Joe - General Manager
Vereecken, Bruce - President
Walter, Mike - President
Walters, Rick - President
Walton, Scott - COO
Ward, Don - Vice President
Watts, Mike - President & CEO
Weber, Bill - Engineering Manager, Puchasing Manager
Weiss, Robert - General Manager
Weissenrieder-Bennis, Elisabeth - Director of Strategic Planning and Marketing
Welter, Jack - President
Westman, Jim - CEO
Whicker, Rick - President
Whitney, Rob - President
Williams, Chris - CEO
Williams, Marla - Controller
Williams, Roger - CEO
Wilson, Bill - President
Wilson, Brendan - Vice President of Operations
Wiman, Kelly - General Manager
Winans, Greg - Account Executive
Winslow, Roger - President
Winzeler , John - President
Wise, Fred - President
Witkiewicz, Marty - President, Owner
Witkiewicz, Joe - General Manager
Witt, Siggi - Vice President
Wolf, John - General Manager
Wright, Craig - Vice President
Yakubov, Vadim - VP of Operations
Yeany, Scott - Manufacturing Manager
Zacharias, Mike - President
Zajacz, Anthony - Plant Manager
Zeiler, Keith - VP Operations
Zelina, John - CFO
Zeyen, Patty - Controller
Ziegenhorn, Paul - President
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